注意: 由于天气原因,今天的课程取消了. 检查黑板上的沟通,从你的导师.


At SBU, we want to work with you to make the billing and payment process as smooth 尽可能. We offer several 付款计划 options and accept different payment types. 一如既往,你的 宝博体育顾问 是来帮助你完成每一步的吗!


We offer several different payment methods to make it as convenient 尽可能 for 你需要支付你的SBU账户.

You may pay your SBU account in-person, by mail, online, or via an international payment. 有关每种付款方式的详细信息,请参阅下文.


We accept cash, checks, and money orders in person at all of our campuses.

  • 玻利瓦尔校园-销售行政中心
  • 山景城校区-财政援助办公室在主楼
  • 塞勒姆校区-主办公室
  • 春田校区-见大堂接待员
  • 研究生课程-销售行政中心 



Note: Please include the student's full name and ID number on the check or money order 付款人是宝博体育.


查看您的帐户余额或在线支付登录到 学生客户中心. If you need help logging in to MySBU, contact the Help Desk at (417) 328-1702.


  • 电子支票/呵 -此选项可免费使用
  • 信用卡和借记卡 -这些付款只在网上接受. Visa, Mastercard, Discover和American 接受快递. You will be charged a convenience fee for credit or debit card 交易.


Access to the 学生客户中心 is restricted to authorized users. 

Students, if you wish for a parent or guardian to have access to the online payment module, you must make him/her an authorized user by following these steps:

  1. 登录MySBU门户
  2. 选择“在您的帐户上付款”快速链接
  3. Choose "授权用户" from the options on the right side of the screen

After access has been granted, authorized users will receive an email with login credential 信息.




If you need assistance navigating the 学生客户中心, making an online payment, 请添加授权用户 请阅读网上付款说明.



Your student account is the place for paying your tuition and fees online. 西南 浸会大学
teamed up with TransferMate to provide a streamlined and secure payment method through
your student account that also reduces bank fees and improves your payment experience.
With TransferMate, students can pay tuition and fees in their local currency from 几乎任何




To help you better manage your account, we offer 付款计划 options. SBU支付 Plan is set up on a 学期-by-学期 basis and allows you to break up your balance 按月付款.


You can set up a 付款计划 online by logging into your 学生客户中心 and 完成以下步骤:

  1. 点击“自助服务”,选择“学生资助”."
  2. 点击“付款”."
  3. Choose the "Payment Plans" option in the page menu or click on the "Enroll in Payment “计划”栏位于您的帐户余额下.
  4. Select the term for which you wish to set up a 付款计划 and select the payment 计划最适合你的选择.
  5. Follow the prompts to schedule your payments using either your bank account 信息 或借记卡/信用卡(额外处理费). 你的付款将自动 使用输入的付款方式在到期日付款.

Questions regarding the SBU Payment Plan should be directed to the Cashier's Office.

Note: All charges for tuition, room and board, and fees are due in full at the beginning 本学期的 除非 由SBU支付计划支付.


Students on the Bolivar campus may cash a check for up to $50 at the cashier's office. 你必须出示学生证. 收银处早上9点开门.m. - 3 p.m. Monday-Friday.
SBU uses a third-party credit card processing company for credit and debit 卡支付. This third-party company charges a separate convenience fee on all credit and debit 卡支付. 大学不分担这笔费用. 你可以避免支付 convenience fee by paying with cash, check or electronic check.
Billing statements for future 学期s are referred to as registration statements. The registration statements are mailed in mid-July for the fall 学期 and in mid-December 春季学期. 可提供夏季和冬季利息条款的声明 online approximately one month prior to that session's start date.
Statements showing all 交易 that occurred on your account during the previous month will be sent to you electronically if you have an outstanding balance on the 每月第一个工作日.
You can deduct the 量 of aid you are still expecting from the "total now due" 量. Then, check your account online through WebAdvisor to confirm the aid is listed 在那里. If you have further concerns regarding 你的经济援助, contact the Office 财政援助,电话:(417)328-1822.
The 量 of your current 付款计划 will be adjusted to include the 量 of 你的额外援助. 联系 the Cashier's Office with further questions about your 付款计划.
No. 超出部分的退款将以学生的名义发放. 然后使用这个 refund 量 for a future 学期, please talk to the cashier.
退款支票每周四处理. 每周三显示贷方余额的账户 will have a refund check available the following day after 1 p.m. 玻利瓦尔的支票 在校学生在收银处等候接机. 如果支票不是 14天内取件,寄出. 斯普林菲尔德和山景城的检查 校园学生直接邮寄给学生. 检查塞勒姆校区的学生 are sent to the main office of that campus for distribution to the students.
在大多数情况下,学生贷款选项是可用的. 联系财务办公室 援助 at (417) 328-1822 for assistance with financial aid options.


Tuition refunds for dropped classes are determined using the last date of attendance as indicated on the drop slip submitted and the tuition refund policy listed in the 大学目录. The table below reflects 目录 信息 and shows the percentage of tuition refunded based on the number of days into a term in which a course is dropped.

在第一天上课之前 100% 100% 100%
在学期的前五天 100% 100% 75%
在接下来的五天内 75% 75% 50%
在接下来的五天内 50% 25% 0%

Classes may meet on a regular basis throughout the week or on a once-per-week basis. This policy counts class days as if all classes were meeting daily.

Course fees and student service fees are non-refundable if you have attended class. 你将被收取每课程75美元. 退课前请联系 the Office 财政援助,电话:(417)328-1822 to determine whether doing so will affect 你的经济援助.